layers like onions

 During a psychology class I took a few years ago, the professor explained a perspective about humans as being like onions.  We have layers to us.  Layers of feelings.  Layers of history.  Layers of struggles.  As we work through one layer of healing, then another layer appears.  Perhaps not right away, but eventually another layer must be worked through.  At first glance, one may think that all of my screen wire artworks are solid.  But as one gets closer, it becomes evident that there are many layers.  Layers that emerge from different angles.  Layers that begin to form in the eyes as one looks through the tiny holes of wire mesh.  I see these layers of metal and wood as symbolic for how we as humans are also layers.  Like onions we are layers.  Like wire mesh, we are layers.  I didn't plan this ahead of time, but as the screen wire pieces took formation, I knew that the layering was becoming symbolic for me.  A metaphor for our own layered lives.  The process and the finished pieces are still speaking to me, just like the layers that form them.

Melanie Newcombe Art