journey to the center of the paper airplane

 The paper airplane is folded from a rectangular piece of paper.  Sometimes the paper is math homework.  Sometimes the paper is a program from a play.  Perhaps it is a brand new piece of paper with nothing on it.  A fresh perspective.  Like the morning with possibilities.  Once the paper is folded into the plane, then it is something.  Then it is no longer an empty piece of paper, despite the absence of writing or print.   The sculptures are new pieces of paper.  They are about being paper airplanes and not about being what is on the paper.  They are about flying as paper airplanes.  They are about a journey.  They are going somewhere.   I stumbled upon my first paper airplane sketches.  This one is from November, 2005.  I'm glad to have this drawing.  It is like reading an old journal entry.  It marks the beginning of what feels like a very long journey.  I'm not sure when the paper airplane will fly out of my imagination, out of my artwork, but when we reach the center of the paper airplane, I'm sure it will just disappear.  

Melanie Newcombe Art